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June 01, 2006

We're here. We're superpowered. Get used to it.

Recent revelations that X-Man Colossus is gay - and the less serious revelation of Brokeback Mutant - suggest change is in the air at Marvel Comics. They are not alone. James D. Hudnall reports a DC drive to "diversify" the ethnic identity and sexual orientation of their characters. Central to the scheme is a lipstick lesbian Batwoman.

And isn’t it fascinating that every lesbian on the media always has to be a lipstick lesbian? It would be more realistic and interesting, if they had her be butch. Now that’s daring. After all, if you want to be rough and tumble like Batman, you can’t worry too much about your looks.

Exactly. Though having pretty much assumed Batman himself is gay, I fail to see how this Batwoman reboot takes the franchise in a new direction. Ace of Spades HQ underlines the question of just how edgy a lipstick lesbian Batwoman is likely to be.

It's kind of lame to just have a new Batman, only this time, she's a chick. And a "buxom, lipstick lesbian socialite." Okay, admittedly, that last part has potential, but come on, you know they're not going to have any fun with this. As most gay characters are portrayed, she'll be about as sexually adventurous as a 88-year-old Oklahoma deacon.

Ace points to a rather more problematical development in the DC line-up: a new team of PRC superheroes. Not only are we meant to side with people fighting for the mainland Chinese "communist" government but the super-breeding powers of two of the team suggest a jaw-dropping racism. Hardly a progressive rhetorical move.

L'esprit de l'escalier Update: Admittedly, they don't call it "lesbian bed death" for nothing.

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