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May 24, 2006

Unemployed Skeletor

Say what you like about MySpace but there is some amazing culture happening out there. For example, Unemployed Skeletor (with pink slip fist action!!!). You would never get that on the regular internets.

What can I say about me? Well I once ruled the entire planet Eternia.That only lasted for about 2 weeks,because He-Man went to the planet Earth and got help from Cortney Cox(suffice to say "Friends" is my least favorite sitcom) and a bald cop. Shortly there after I recieved my first pink slip(posted in the blog section)shortly there after I recieved another one.Why? Well the first pink slip was due to the fact that the cartoon was cancelled.Cartoon? Heh,don't they realize that this is a real war that has been going on for centuries!

Check out the Flea at MySpace!

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 24, 2006 10:14 AM