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April 28, 2006

Fashion has no mercy


Pop culture fashion addicts desperate for a fix of Project Runway have been able to get by with a methadone hit of Project Catwalk. Now Canadian viewers have had several weeks to settle into a new regimen, I think it is safe to pass some sort of judgment. Liz Hurley does an admirable job as UK place-holder for Heidi Klum. And considering the way Klum has treated Jay McCarroll, good riddance. Still, there is something missing from the show.

The long shadow of Central St. Martin's produces a very different idea of what should be coming down the runway. High street and haute couture British fashion is much more fanciful and architectural than its American sport and ready-to-wear counterparts. I am always happy to take in London glamour and the four-floor Georgian hosting contestants is my dream home. The Instituto Marangoni London campus facilities are more impressive than their equivalent at the Parsons School of Design. All of this should make the show at least as interesting to watch as the original.

But there is that missing "I do not know what". Americans on television have a presence the aspiring British designers lack. Weekly outings connected to their projects seem to have been forced on the Brits. Even social events with models or the press come across as stilted and the contestants embarrassed to be part of the spectacle. It is as if nobody has explained to these people that reality television is meant to be entertaining. Worse yet is the marked absence of Tim Gunn. Ben De Lisi looks like a deer in headlights. There is no excuse for it. The man is American, after all.

No mercy Update: It is frustrating to learn Elizabeth Hurley will not be hosting the show's second season. "Plummy", indeed.

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