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February 22, 2006

Deeyah really want to hurt me


There is the odd occasion when hip hop's pretentions to edgy social commentary are justified. Self-proclaimed Muslim Madonna and Asian J-Lo, Deeyah has reportedly received threats after airing "What Will It Be", a video where "she casts off a burka to reveal a bikini". Sure to annoy some people, that.

She said the video, shot in Los Angeles and India ... deals with Muslim women's right to live their lives as they wish and their desire for social and sexual empowerment.

Quite right. Though saying so in quite this way remains brave, foolhardy or just clever marketing. Given recent events I expect reviews might be a bit more robust than those Madonna received for her "Like A Prayer" video. Fun for Canadian popcult pixie and feminista, Irshad Manji to have a brief cameo.

Now is the time at the Flea when we dance (QT file). Some Deeyah video stills are here for those impatient for the download.

The bikini and the burka Update: The Muslim Council of Britain reportedly claims Deeyah is no Muslim. How obnoxious of them.

... The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) suspects Deeyah is lying about her religion and is actually a Hindu. "Her real name is Deepika Thathaal. That's certainly not a Muslim name, it is identifiably Hindu. Our suspicion is that this is all a big publicity stunt," a MCB spokesperson was quoted as by Contactmusic, as saying.

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