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January 25, 2006

What's an ottowa?

INDCBill does not care about Canadian politics and yet he keeps writing about it. I am certain there is a psychoanalytic term for this sort of behaviour.

EsmayDean: Tories are kicking ass.
INDCBill: "Tories?" That's some Canadian party moniker ripped off from the Brits, right?
EsmayDean: Yeah.
INDCBill: I dont pay attention to canada
INDCBill: I hate it
EsmayDean: I loved them until they hated us.
INDCBill: did you ever read my post explaining why?
EsmayDean: no
INDCBill: Read it and go.
EsmayDean: But the America-hating party is getting its ass kicked. INDCBill: whatever
EsmayDean: In fact BOTH the America-hating parties are getting their asses kicked.
INDCBill: did you read my post?!
EsmayDean: Yes, but ...
INDCBill: ee-OW! eeHeeHOOOH! ee-OOW! ee-HOW! yep yep yep yep yep yep ee-OW! yepyepyepyepyepyep ee-OW! yepyepyepyepyepyep ee-OW! ee-OW!

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 25, 2006 09:33 AM

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My apathy consumes me like a fever.

Posted by: Bill from INDC [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 11:31 AM

Fascinating fact: I am from Ottawa! Oh, I could tell you all about it. There are the Parliament Buildings overlooking the mighty Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills of Quebec in the distance. And then there is the Rideau Canal which freezes in winter thereby becoming the longest skating rink in the world. Fun for everyone with Winterlude and "beaver-tails" and some people even choosing to skate to work. I could tell you more but that is enough for now.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 11:46 AM

That's the first time that I've ever heard anything Canadian described as "mighty."

Ice skating is the province of dandies and "beaver tails" are the bastardized Canadian red-headed step-children of the pastry world.

Posted by: Bill from INDC [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 12:06 PM

I am pleased to learn I do not have to explain "beaver-tails"... delicious with maple syrup! More fun facts: Ottawa is a bilingual city (that's bilingue, en francais) with a thriving arts community and a variety of monuments including the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and, just across the river, the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Enjoy the Bohemian feel of "the Glebe" and take advantage of many fine dining opportunities before/after taking in a show at the National Arts Centre. Ottawa: there's plenty more to discover!

Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 12:23 PM

Geez, Nick, could you be a bit more boosterish for Moscow-on-the-Rideau? ;-)

Posted by: Nicholas [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 03:11 PM

No problem! Here, sing along with this:


Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 03:15 PM

I have never heard of beaver tail pastries. Is that what you call those homeless guys passed out on the subway ventilation grates, after they wake up in the morning?

Posted by: Chris Taylor [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 25, 2006 05:46 PM

I must be the dream arbitrator of this matter as I live half way between T.O. and Ottawa and, except for the company which is always excellent, I can confirm I would much rather have a night out in the national capital than the provincial one. Imagine bar hopping without a cab. Streetscapes you actually enjoy viewing. The idea that you can actually walk home at the end of an evening. And while there is excellence for an evening equidistant to the south, I would not suggest walking home in Syracuse either.

Posted by: Alan McLeod [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 26, 2006 09:03 AM