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December 26, 2005

Tea Room Alice

Hemispheres is a peculiar Australian/Canadian co-production featuring worthy documentary reporting for the two countries' mutual edification. For some reason the Australian journo sounds canned and appears to be made from a plastic resin: but perhaps this is a feature of distance. Whatever the merits of the enterprise, and while I cannot find it linked on-line, I have Hemispheres to thank for a piece on Japan's Generation Z NEETs. Unemployment, unenthusiasm and goths featured making for the usual gloomy stuff about the latest unenterprising youth to come down the pipe.

But it was an otaku hang-out that caught my attention. Tea Room Alice* appears to be only only example of a "recently popular "maid kissa" trend going on mostly in Akihabara." Chipple reports from Nakano earlier this year.

The cute-ish girls serving you are all wearing a blue cosplay-style maid dress, not unlike Alice in Wonderland's. The place is decorated with teddy bears and stuff, and the cutlery is small and cute.

The Alice in Wonderland dresses are rivalled by the heart-shaped... something... to eat for diabetes-inducing kawaii content. Japan Times weighs in on this latest otaku-scare. If you have any remaining insulin after that you might also consider Sony's Gun Parade Orchestra maid cafe promotion or the promising Candy Maid Caf´┐Ż ("We're waiting for your coming!").

*Not to be confused with Alice's Tea Cup.

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