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September 30, 2005

Lacanians vs. Heideggerians

The trouble with Slavoj Žižek is the same as the trouble with Laibach. There are always going to be people writing commentaries explaining that the posturing is in some sense ironic and that therefore only the hopelessly unhip who need be alarmed. It is, of course, only their own totalitarian etiquette they are so desperate to assuage. The precise monster, in fact, both Žižek and Laibach have ranged themselves against.

Half the Slovenian government seems to have studied Lacan at the university, including the former General Secretary of the ruling party, Gregor Golobic, who wrote, for his thesis at the University of Ljubljana, a Lacanian critique of the philosophy of Cratylus. ("He is my best friend! I love him!" Zizek says. "He is the future Slovene Stalin. He is a man of power. He is the kind of guy who, when I am in his office and talking with him and a minister calls, he says to the minister, 'F**k off, I don't have time to talk to you.' ") The philosopher Richard Rorty, who, while teaching at the University of Virginia, invited Zizek and Judith Butler there to discuss Lacan, says, "Zizek told me that the great battle in Slovenian politics is between the Lacanians, who dominate the civil service, and the Heideggerians, who dominate the military."

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