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September 11, 2005

Linda Linda Linda


"Like a rat, I want to be beautiful
Because thereís beauty that canít be photographed.

Might be the coolest film ever. If Jack Nicholson and Jean Reno had a light saber duel it would be less cool than this movie (with a sincere hat tip to the Flea's Film Festival Expert).

What distinguishes Nobuhiro Yamashita's Linda Linda Linda from the crowd is a refreshing modesty. Rather than the usual underdog struggle against the odds culminating School of Rock style in the obligatory spectacular stage show and a fat recording contract, Linda Linda Linda's story revolves around four highschool girls for whom learning how to play a single song in time for the school festival is the ultimate challenge.

Creepy fact: lead-singer Bae Doona ("Son") played Sadako in "The Ring Virus", Korea's Ringu remake. The Blue Hearts' "Linda, Linda" lyrics, and an English translation, can be found here.

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