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August 16, 2005

Letter from Annexia

Letter from Annexia: A Play in One Act.

SCENE: The People's Republic of Annexia, late afternoon. The Flea walks up a street carrying a grocery bag and a pair of Rockport sandals.

ENTER: A York professor on a bicycle.

Flea: Hey, look at that! (looks at bicycle)

York Prof: This is my fifty dollar special. I've had three bikes stolen this year and now I won't pay more than fifty dollars for one.

Flea: Maybe it's your karma. (beat) This is my new form of transportation. (dances) I have decided the barefoot lifestyle is the way to go.

York Prof: It's supposed to be good for you.

Flea: Yes, well these things (shakes sandals by way of indicating footware) are interfering with my chi. By the way, if you run into the Cocktail Expert make sure to tell her you saw me doing this.

York Prof: Oh yes. Is it something she is thinking of getting into?

Flea: She is going to be so jealous.

York Prof: And is that supposed to be good for your chi too? (looks at grocery bag whose only item is a box of Honeycomb cereal)

Flea: Definitely. It's all part of the Cake and Cigarette Diet™.

EXEUNT: York Prof and Flea upon agreeing place and time of drinking the alcoholic beverage.


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