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July 26, 2005

Women on the verge the Flea would give rubies to date even though it would almost certainly end in disaster


1. Björk
2. Winona Ryder
3. Mylène Farmer
4. Anne Heche
5. Angelina Jolie (obviously*)

*I am placing this link to Angelina Jolie naked in some early film outing as its contents may be distressing to sensitive Flea-readers in search of a plot. I cannot make out why Angelina would press herself up against a chain-link fence or why this would necessitate a blonde woman I don't recognize deciding the appropriate response would be to take off her clothes and press herself against the other side of said fence. Nowt so queer as folk as they say in't the North.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 26, 2005 08:54 AM

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