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July 21, 2005

A "cabal" of parliamentarians

Now the Senate has passed Bill C-38 and the legislation has been given royal assent the governments of Alberta and Prince Edward Island will, at long last, have to choke back their righteous indignation and issue civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Sounds like the work of a cabal of parliamentarians, encouraged by activist courts and abetted by a compliant media foisting a new tyranny on Canadians! Well, if you stark raving mad. Comment on the issue at LifeSite quotes Campaign Life Coalition, branching out from their opposition to abortion, waxing Klingon at a development they say "reeks of dishonour, dishonesty and public disdain". But they are just getting warmed up. To continue:

"Usually, when a coup against a society is carried out," said the press release, "it is done under the cover of darkness, with silent forces working surreptitiously. However, the legal 'redefinition' of marriage in Canada constitutes a public coup carried out in the full light of day and without any sense of shame."

Remember: opponents of same-sex marriage say they don't hate gay people. I know for a fact some of them don't. But some of them, it should be noted, are so devoted to their opposition to same-sex marriage they are prepared to call an act of Parliament a coup or a form of tyranny. Given the real tyrannies with which our freedoms are threatened, and given their motivation by an unreasoning, implacable religious fundamentalism, this sort of language by some on the extreme Canadian right is a stupidity so perfect it approaches wickedness.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 21, 2005 11:23 AM

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