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July 20, 2005

Kenilworth Castle

English Heritage hopes to recreate a garden created for Elizabeth I by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester at Kenilworth Castle. Archaeological research and a rereading of a descriptive letter by Robert Laneham, a gentleman usher to Dudley, offer guidance.

"...A garden then so appointed, as wherein alooft upon sweet shadowed walk of terrace, in heat of summer, to feel the pleasant whisking wind above, or delectable coolness of the fountain-spring beneath, to taste of delicious strawberries, cherries, and other fruits, even from their stalks, to smell such fragrancy of sweet odours, breathing from plants, herbs, and flowers, to hear such natural melodious music and tunes of birds, to have in eye for mirth sometime these underspringing streams…. whereby, at one moment in one place, at hand without travel, to have so full fruition of so many of God’s blessings, by entire delight unto all senses (if all can take) at once..."

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