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June 30, 2005

He's tipped

N = 1 has reached his tipping point and cannot continue to support the Conservative Party of Canada.

If they were willing to say "private health care is a Canadian right," if they were willing to say "we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in fighting terrorism," if they were willing to say "we support amending the Charter to protect Canadians' rights to property," then I might be willing to tolerate the CPC's distaste for gay people. After all, the NDP and the Liberals actively want me to die: in opposing private health care, these parties are acting to hasten the deaths of any ill Canadian. I'd pick hatred over suicide any day. But that isn't my choice, is it? The CPC aren't offering me anything to balance the hate. It's not hate with a side order of health care freedom. It's not hate with a delicious creamy topping of liberty. It's just hate. And that's not good enough.

If the Conservative party had advocated civil unions when the Liberals opposed any such arrangement for same-sex partners, if Stephen Harper's supporters did not make an historic effort to reach out to new Canadians on the sole premise that disliking gay people was a "vote winner" or if Stephen Harper himself had decided to participate in Pride Week, reaching out to gay people and explaining how civil unions were just as good, really, then I could imagine his party's opposition to same-sex marriage was based on something other than simple prejudice. If the Conservative party had taken a stand in defense of the word "marriage", respectfully disagreeing with the outcome of a decades long legal and political process without demonizing successively "gay activists", advocates of same-sex marriage within their own party, the honesty of courts in nine jurisdictions, the integrity of the Supreme Court of Canada, the legitimacy of Canada's constitution, multiple opinion polls, Canadians living in whole regions of the country including and especially Ontario and Quebec, the views of the other three main political parties and finally the will of Parliament itself then I would feel differently about their opposition. If the Conservative party was opposed to same-sex marriage but were planning to fight tne next election on the principle of personal liberty (though how these would square I cannot tell you), defense of the West against fundamentalism (even harder to square) or the principle of less intrusive government and the rights of religious minorities including those religious minorities in favour of same-sex marriage (impossible to square as these are an outright contradiction) then I would have to carefully balance one party policy against the dangers of continued one-party government and the inevitable risk of corruption such an arrangement brings.

Too bad that Conservative party does not exist.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at June 30, 2005 10:00 AM

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