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June 23, 2005


This is a banner year for Hellraiser fans seeing the belated release of both Hellraiser: Deader and Hellraiser: Hellworld. Deader was beautifully shot on a lowish budget in scenic Romania and Hellworld offers the promise of ever creepy Lance Henriksen in a lead role. One reviewer was right about Deader, thumbs up for the practical effects and thumbs down for the cgi.

I love the scene where Amy wakes up with a knife in her back and she's running around her bathroom screaming, spreading blood all over the walls. But then there are scenes with bugs crawling on the walls that look as bad as in Exorcist: The Beginning. Another thing that looked terrible were the chains, which were heavy and black- they made me think of those plastic chains made for kids to play with. Chains are the most important part of a Hellraiser film, come on, can't you get them right?!

Given his experience in occult horror film-making, I thought director Rick Bota's name had to be a pseudonym reference for Builders of the Adytum but I now think I was perceiving a pattern where none was to be found. But one surprise proved itself to be a worthy sensation... Pinhead fans should not overlook the "No More Souls" Easter egg.

Better yet is the promise of The Scarlet Gospels, Clive Barker's much anticipated addition to the Hellraiser mythos with a hope for new cenobites and the first ever appearance of Pinhead in print.

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