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June 22, 2005

Captain Jack


Captain Jack Harkness represents a new twist for Doctor Who, the first (openly*) bisexual Who companion. Captain Jack is also one of the few companions who is a time-traveller in his own right.

John Barrowman, the gorgeous out actor and singer has joined the cast of Doctor Who as Captain Jack Harkness, a bi-sexual inter-galactic time-travelling con-artist! who has a taste for both the ladies and gentlemen! Rumour has it that after flirting with Rose, the Doctor’s sidekick, Captain Jack turns his amorous attentions to the good Doctor himself!

While this new season has not quite ended most of the innuendo has been from the Doctor, demonstrating a sarcasm missing in the character since the days of John Pertwee. Most welcome. It seems John Barrowman is making an even bigger step than I had thought as AfterElton points out how few bi guys have been represented on television in any role whatsoever.

I suppose despite the lack of mind-controlled kissing thus far that there are some who will see Captain Jack as an Uhura/Kirk style intrusion of social comment into an sf story. It should be pointed out that Russell T Davies never hesitated to make Who references in Queer as Folk, at least as intrusive to a hip urban gay story given the contaminating aesthetics of nerd culture. Besides, Doctor Who has always been as camp as a row of tents.

*We can only speculate about Leela. And the Flea still pines for Romana II wandering in Exo-Space.

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