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June 17, 2005

Wonder Woman

Tom Cruise must have enjoyed that Audrey Hepburn scene from Funny Face as much as I did given his choice of locale for a proposal. That said, while Paris lives up to its romantic reputation (at least in my experience), I think the Eiffel Tower's place in myth belies the reality of a somewhat grim tourist trap about as romantic as the reality of the main strip in Niagara Falls.

Rumour has it Katie Holmes' agency is "desperate" to land her the lead role in Wonder Woman. Seeing as I do not have anywhere to go with that bit of reportage, except the words "Please, no", I shall return to mocking Tom Cruise. Take this auto-fisking culinary news, for example.

Cruise has often credited the church's learning tools with helping him overcome dyslexia and giving him the confidence to become a pilot, but it's a little known fact he has also become an expert in the kitchen thanks to Scientology.

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