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June 17, 2005

Hayden Christensen kisses Ewan McGregor

The Flea's commitment to equal-opportunity anti-objectification reportage compels me to point to Hayden Christensen kissing Ewan McGregor. Judging by their recent "Star Wars" appearances, Hayden Christensen's acting nipples are a likely victim of objectification though I am not certain Ewan McGregor's acting mole faces the same cruel fate.

Dumbass Update: Since I published this post I have had several people try to post comments to the effect that Ewan McGregor is not gay. I have not chosen to publish any of them due to there universal bad grammar, bad spelling and apparent lack of a sense of humour. The real issue here is McGregor's acting mole you dumbasses.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at June 17, 2005 06:32 AM

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boy, i was really hoping for juicy long lasting tongue kisses...

Posted by: mainja [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 17, 2005 08:15 AM

I love ewan to absolute bits but he is so obviosuly gay, it was him who started the kiss not vice versa. He also has feminine tendencies if you research carefully enough make up, women's clothes the list is endless. I dont want it to be true but this photo confirms it all!!!! men do not have feminine tendencies for no reason, it always turns out they are gay!!! love you loads though ewaxxxx mwahxxx

Posted by: smitten_kitten88 [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 3, 2005 08:19 PM

Just because they kissed... that does NOT make either one of them necessarily gay!! its all about double standards! okay, you know that christina aguilera song... cant hold us down, well, she sings about how guys can get away with dating more than 1 girl, but if a girl does it.. everyone calls her a slag! well its the same with this issue! if 2 girls hugged or kissed briefly, no one would care, but everyone gets excited when 2 guys do it! leave them alone!!

Posted by: FallenAngel [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 22, 2005 09:29 PM

FallenAngel: you could knock me over with a feather.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 22, 2005 09:51 PM

Ewan kisses everyone..hes cool like that :T
I dont know but hes not gay lol his wife is eve and they have two kids. so you no, hes not gay.
velvet goldmine...he did it because he enjoyed the script. And the girly clothes? no , hes from scotland... besides I like those skirts lol but anyways hes not gay hah, its kinda funny you people thought so tho
Hayden..well u guys are saying hes had girlfriends but i dont know..go figure...i know this tho. hes not gay either.
they were just being friendly you know? there good friends. i kiss my friends. i dont like girls as girlfriends though

Posted by: Jenn [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 30, 2005 07:18 PM