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April 25, 2005

Young Bond

A friend of mine commented that Brian Herbert needed to be killed before he could entirely ruin the legacy of his brilliant father, Frank Herbert. Yes, hyperbole and so forth. Now, we do not condone murder here at the Flea - even on aesthetic grounds - but I am confident my friend would offer much the same opinion about a series of "Young Bond" children's books being cranked out at the behest of Ian Fleming's family. The very idea is abomination.

Here is James Bond - at the age of 13. The family of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, asked illustrator Kev Walker to create the startling image. And it is hoped the picture will grace the front cover of the second in a set of children’s books, featuring the superspy as a schoolboy. The teenager appears with baggy trousers and floppy fringe - showing only the tiniest hint of the suave charmer he would become.

The Young Bond novels are written by Bond fan Charlie Higson. His first book, SilverFin, hit the shelves earlier this month and has been a publishing success. It features 007 as a schoolboy at Eton, where he is facing the wrath of a vicious American pupil whose father is a wealthy villain carrying out sinister experiments on humans.

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