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April 25, 2005

Venturi Fétish

"Fétish: An object to which one attributes magical and beneficial powers, leading to a safe and comfortable lifestyle."

A Venturi Fétish, the first production electric sports car, would make a fine Fleamobile. Though the choice of "safe" and "comfortable" seems an odd marketing strategy. Perhaps something is lost in translation.

This obscure French automaker has been showing off “the world’s first electric sports car” since 2002 auto shows, but this was our first look. With a 102-inch wheelbase, 2,424-pound weight, and convertible body, it would seem to resemble a Mazda Miata. On the other hand, having 300 horsepower, a 4.5-second 0-60 dash, a $600,000 price tag, and no gas tank distorts that image a bit. Its 180-kilowatt electric motor can spin to 14,000 RPM, shaming any Ferrari. Lotus did much of the suspension work. The world will see exactly 25 examples of the Fetish, built with pride and joy in California. The lithium battery, also California-made, accounts for 40% of the car’s cost.

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