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April 22, 2005


The French government supports dictatorship over democracy in pursuit of arms sales and business opportunity. You could knock me down with a feather. I expect progressives to rush into the streets calling for a boycott of French goods, disinvestment in French business and an end to academic exchanges with French universities just as soon as the mainstream media reports the news of this latest demonstration of venal hypocrisy (via Instapundit).

/bitter sarcasm

During a state visit to China, French Premier Raffarin threw support behind a law allowing China to attack Taiwan and continued to push for a lift of the EU arms embargo.

At the outset of a three-day visit to China, French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he supported Beijing's "anti-secession" law on Taiwan, and vowed to keep pushing for an end to an EU arms embargo that could open the door for Paris to sell weapons to the Asian giant.

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