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March 25, 2005

The Apprentice: Glenn Reynolds

NBC has announced Mark Burnett and Donald Trump are to co-produce an Apprentice spin-off and that "not only will the series be like The Apprentice, it will in fact be The Apprentice."

Entitled The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, the new Apprentice version will feature Stewart taking over Donald Trump's hosting responsibilities in a move that The Donald termed the first "domestic expansion" of "The Apprentice franchise."

You see where I am going with this. Imagine teams of aspiring bloggers arranged into two competing groupblogs, say "Mortal Humans" and "Top 100". Each week teams would have to carry out vaguely ludicrous tasks under the tuition of Glenn Reynolds. Can that hair possibly be real? If I get links will I have a hot wife too?

This week on the Blogprentice - we'd have to call it that... we're geeks - teams have to design a viral marketing campaign for a carbonated milk beverage. Top 100 has a tried and true strategy of paying off "Democratic" "bloggers" through Soros-controlled NGOs. "It's marketing! It's activism! It's actimarketing!" A fight breaks out, "Surely, that's marktivism..."

Meanwhile, Mortal Humans takes the rash decision to try the beverage. "Gahhh! This is foul... sell it to teenagers!" They enlist Paris Hilton and Fred Durst to the project somehow and combining tricky Google keywords involving "Jessica Alba assless chaps" the uniques roll in.

Cut to a Mazda RX8 rolling up to an ivy covered building and two teams in the boardroom reserved for law faculty of the University of Tennessee. For Mortal Humans it is a prized evening seminar in space science policy but for Top 100 it will be a return visit to the boardroom and one blogger will hear the dreaded words:

"Heh. Indeed."

So who gets to be Carolyn Kepcher?

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 25, 2005 07:37 AM

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