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March 24, 2005

COMINTERN Electronic Archive

For all your COMINTERN documentary needs.

The Communist International
The Communist, or Third, International (COMINTERN) was founded in early 1919 by Lenin as an international revolutionary proletarian party. The COMINTERN consisted of about 70 communist and socialist parties in Europe, Asia, and America. Consequently, it deeply influenced the political life of many countries worldwide. The semi-legal and clandestine activities coordinated by the COMINTERN made this one of the most cloistered societies of recent centuries.

The COMINTERN archives contain 55 million pages of original documents in almost 90 languages, covering the whole period during which the organization was active, from 1919 till 1943. The archives contain 237,000 files from seven Congresses, thirteen Executive Committee Communist International (ECCI) Plenums, and over 70 communist, socialist, and other international organizations. Hand-written amendments and other personal corrections made by various figureheads of the communist movement make this material even more valuable.

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