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March 21, 2005

Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott was easily my favourite television preacher ever. Yes, his rants about money were part of the appeal and I also liked his occassional discussion of his horses. But he is also the only television preacher I have ever seen refer to the New Testament in the Greek. This was an educated man. So... would his unique approach work for blog funding? (Just kidding.) (Send cash!)

Scott's appeal lay in his genius as an entertainer. Buccaneering, shaggy-haired and bearded under a bandana or flamboyant hat, he was by turns unpredictable, outrageous, funny and inspired, but always compelling. Fat cigar in hand, his face contorted with rage, he would mix scripture with profanity-laden monologues about the state of the world ("Nuke 'em in the name of Jesus!" he cried during the Gulf War), punctuated with demands for more money.

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