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March 11, 2005

Shaken and stirred


Thanks to some extraordinary event planning the words "ROM" and "hip" have been made to rhyme. The Royal Ontario Museum pulled out all the stops for a party meant to promote the impending opening of the Libeskind crystal redesign of the museum and to showcase two halls for future events. For school kids of Ontario the ROM is probably best remembered for the high school field trips where most of us cut the tour as quickly as possible to take in the big city of Toronto. It was nothing short of astonishing to me to find the same place transformed into a movie nightclub scene where the multiple open bars were presided over by a monumental bronze buddha and assorted antique weaponry in display cases. Easily, easily the best such event I have been to on this side of the Atlantic.

The miso encrusted black bass (encrusted?) and what passed for a sidecar at one of the bars could have been better but then I have been spoiled in my friendship with one of the best known foodies in T.O., the "queen of cocktails" Christine Sismondo.

Odd place to meet a queen of cocktails.

"I don't like beer," says Christine Sismondo. "But I never met a cocktail I didn't like."

Sismondo, 34, teaches humanities at York and has written a book about the meaning of life vis-a-vis cocktails. Mondo Cocktail: A Shaken and Stirred History is due out in October.

A bunch of us were on hand as the cheering section for Christine's perfomance as mixologist to the stars. One of her latest creations, having been diligently taste-tested by the Flea, was a finalist in the cocktail competition that was the showpiece event of the evening. And in the event, the "Victoria's Secret" made an impressive second-place showing. Woo! Yay!

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