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March 08, 2005

Tarocchi Marvel

What I want to know is why Claudio Villa's Marvel Tarot was only released in Italy. It is only the major arcana and not terribly well thought through but it still going on my collecting list. Now for the all important argument about correspondences... Galactus, Eternity and Dr. Doom are all glaring omissions.

0 Wolverine (il matto; the fool)
I Dr. Strange (il mago; the magician)
II Storm [Tempesta] (la papessa; the high priestess)
III Invisible Girl [La Donna Invisible] (l'imperatrice; the empress)
IV Mr. Fantastic (l'imperatore; the emperor)
V Prof. X (il Papa; the hierophant)
VI Spider-Man and Mary Jane [l'Uomo Ragno e Mary Jane] (gli amanti; the lovers)
VII Ghost Rider (il carro; the chariot)
VIII Daredevil [Devil] (la giustizia; Justice)
IX Silver Surfer (l'eremita; the hermit)
X Longshot (la ruota o la fortuna; wheel of fortune)
XI Hulk (la forza; strength)
XII Nightcrawler (l'appeso; the hanged man)
XIII Thanos (la morte; death)
XIV Scarlet Witch (la temperanza; temperance)
XV Mephisto (il diavolo; the devil)
XVI Baxter Building (la torre; the tower)
XVII Dazzler (la stella; the star)
XVIII Moon Knight (la luna; the moon)
XIX Thor (il sole; the sun)
XX Punisher [Il Punitore] (il giudizio; judgement)
XXI Captain America (il mondo; the world)

Some smarter Marvel correspondences are available and here are two attempts at a DC Tarot.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 8, 2005 06:17 AM

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