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March 06, 2005

Kabbalah and homosexuality

Drudge Report links to an Irish Examiner report of Boy George having a go at Madonna. Ostensibly, Madonna is a hypocrite for enjoying the support of a legion of gay fans while adopting kabbalah, supposedly an anti-gay religious perspective. Somebody has their wires crossed. Whatever the merits of the Kabbalah Centre, their particular version of kabbalah takes a live-and-let-live approach to "homosexuality". I find nothing particularly hypocritical or homophobic if Madonna shares the views of the following statement and in any case one would imagine she need not subscribe to the Kabbalah Centre's every public utterance.

While Kabbalah and its cardinal text, the Zohar, has little to say about homosexuality, it is a main focus of The Kabbalah Centre and Kabbalah in general to stay away from judging others for any reason, external or internal, physical or metaphysical. Kabbalah also explains that the most sharing act we can achieve on this planet is childbirth, which is unattainable between two members of the same sex alone. However, that is not to say that two same-gendered people cannot have the same or more loving, rewarding, and lasting relationships as heterosexual couples. Kabbalah is all-inclusive rather than exclusive, and I hope you feel comfortable continuing your study.

Update: Someone named "Billy" taking questions for the Kabbalah Centre seems to take a more nuanced view of not judging but not "condoning". Perhaps Boy George has a point.

Hi everyone, I understand that Kabbalah does not condone homosexuality. What would you suggest a gay man to do - leave his lifestyle, get married to a woman against his desire? Be celibate?

Learn Kabbalah. Study. Make the effort to probe to the spiritual root of the condition. First,learn who we are, why we are here, and where we came from. Find out why man exists. Once you learn and understand these compelling and fundamental questions of life, the rest will come. That said, Kabbalah is about transformation, change, character arc, etc. We come to this world one way, with one nature, we are supposed to complete this world with a whole new nature. Its not about giving up but rather, how to get it all!!

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