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March 03, 2005

Evil Deads

Sam Raimi discusses the latest on the Evil Dead remake and the possibility of an Evil Dead 4.

Would the idea behind that, be that you'd be more faithful to the beginning of the second one?

SR: Nope. I wouldn't really want to put my paws all over it. I'd want a new, young , hungry director who had a really dramatic vision, to make a brand new picture out of it. You know, something different. I would want to direct EVIL DEAD 4 if we get around to making EVIL DEAD 4, that's what I wouldn't want somebody else to do, because I really want to do it. But as far as remaking the "Evil Deads" that have been done, I think a new director would bring things to them that I couldn't. And I think that would be really exciting to see that happen.

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