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January 19, 2005

Screen Used

Screen Used has lots of stuff for collectors with the cash on hand. This Q Judge Head Piece would come in handy as would this license plate from Blade Runner and I am really liking this Dune Ceremonial Robe, a snip at $7,499.00.

This is the one of a kind ceremonial robe that Kyle MacLachlan wore as the character "Paul Atreides" in the final scene of the film. It is a very thick and heavy, weighing about 17 pounds. Since part of the film was shot in Mexico, it was hand made by local artisans.

Interesting to note is that the futuristic characters all the way around the robe spell out names backwards. It looks like some of the cast members names were embroidered into the robe when it was made. Here is just a sampling of the many names and words around the robe's edge:

Including the words "gyre, toves, and brillig"... brilliant! Though Damaskino's robes from Blade II make a better fashion statement.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 19, 2005 09:04 AM

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