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January 05, 2005


Londonist reports on "exploitation" of 96 year old Dove model, Irene.

Her face is currently adorning a 69ft tall billboard in Times Square and the campaign hits the UK this week, amidst a little controversy over Dove's "exploitation" of the elderly.

"This is absolutely cynical. It�s just like using children in advertising," says psychologist Dr Mairead Tagg...which seems a little harsh on Irene if you ask us. She's old, not retarded.

While I would not have put it in quite these terms, Londonist is quite right nonetheless. The exploitation claim is yet another example of a mentality that finds exploitation everywhere even as it infantilizes the folks it purports to speak for.

Update November 28, 2011: Thanks to a Flea reader for pointing out the Campaign For Real Beauty site is no longer associated with Dove. I have removed the link.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 5, 2005 06:09 AM

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