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November 15, 2004

Plus d'Avril

The Flea's implacable commitment to Canadian content recently featured Avril Lavigne in a Hooters outfit. Recently uncovered video reportage suggests Avril might have been a bit tipsy at the time.

Update: A further note to any right-wing anti-sex bigots pretending to be concerned about the rights of women. First, you still need to read Judith Butler. Second, I never posted images of Avril Lavigne in her Hooters outfit... I linked to them. "A distinction without a difference"? Perhaps. I would have posted them had they been less blurry. Why? Because pop-singer Avril Lavigne was mocking Hooters you dolts. You need to ask yourselves why a pop singer has a more complex understanding of gender, performance and irony than certain conservative bloggers with doctorates. No, wait. The answer is obvious: Lavigne has a a sense of humour and the confidence to send herself up. Whatever you think of her commercial success and her musical oeuvre, it is obvious that she is a role-model and an inspiration to young Canadian women.

"If I can't have a dance party I don't want to come to your revolution." And that is double for any puritanism masquerading as (false flag) feminism that would deny Lavigne the right to fun on Hallowe'en. The real fight for the rights and dignity of women is being fought as much by pop-stars and punk-rockers as it is by academics and activists. Same as always.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 15, 2004 08:34 AM

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