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November 13, 2004

Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's Revenge is probably the coolest name for a ship, like, ever. Nails thought to have been used for "sacrificial planking" have been recovered from Blackbeard's ship.

The nails came from a concretion attached to one of the cannons retrieved from the shipwreck site. They could have been on board when the ship was taken or the pirates may have kept them there for trade purposes or for use in minor repairs, said David Moore, museum nautical archaeologist and Blackbeard historian.

"I doubt very seriously that pirates would have gotten into major repairs," Moore said. "They would have just gone out and captured another ship."

The nails appear similar to those that would have been used to attach sacrificial planking to the hull of the ship, Moore said. Sacrificial planking was an outside layer of wood that protected the ship from boring worms.

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