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November 08, 2004


CTV reports controversy as enquiries into the recent tragedy aboard HMCS Chicoutimi proceed.

A former Canadian submarine commander is looking with a skeptical eye at a British newspaper's report that claims human error was behind the Oct. 5 fire on HMCS Chicoutimi.

"It certainly seems to me this British source is trying to put the blame on human error and the submarine crew," Peter Kavanagh told CTV Newsnet on Sunday.

He was commenting on a report in a British newspaper that claims the fire aboard Chicoutimi was caused by crew members mistakenly leaving the sub's hatches open. The source told The Mail on Sunday: "This looks like a simple case of a drill not being carried out. Had a hatch at the bottom of the conning tower been closed, the water would never have got inside."

While CTV's report says the source for this claim "apparently comes from the Canadian Navy's investigation into the fire" more recent CTV television news coverage suggests representatives of the enquiry deny this claim. Is this a leak from the enquiry? A simple recycling of earlier reports regarding open hatches? Or an attempt by some party to deflect blame for the fire and death toward human error and away from the sumbarine's manufacturer or some party to the refitting process?

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