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November 02, 2004

Notre CÚline Nationale

Paul JanÚ is ranting about Air Canada. Make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

Sure, we've had our small differences, such as when you were the first airline to ban smoking on all of its flights - which made me use Air France way more than I ever would have wanted - or when it finally dawned upon me that the logic behind your fare structure was Byzantine - to put it mildly, 500$ to fly from here to London, but 1300$ to go to St. John, NB?! -; I've even managed to put up with your constant dithering over flying to Madrid or not, even in spite of the fact that every time I actually want to go to Madrid, I invariably find out that the route has been cancelled in favour of some craphole in the middle of nowhere (who the f*ck wants to go to Lima, Peru, honestly!?), but this time, you've finally gone too far.

The funny thing is I quite like the Celine ads...

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 2, 2004 05:54 AM

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You're a disturbed man, Nick... lol

(I wonder why I don't seem to be receiving Trackbacks from you...?)

Thanks for the link nonetheless. :)

Posted by: Paul JanÚ at November 2, 2004 02:34 PM