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September 22, 2004

Horror Author Roundtable

This Horror Author Roundtable poses questions of horror authors. For example, "Are you consciously trying to "be scary" as you write a horror story?"

F. Paul Wilson: ... A horror writer is not "scared" while writing a horror novel. You know what's coming as you build scenes to maximum effect, so it's very hard to be scared. It's work. When you're spending days on a scary scene, believe me, the only thing you're scared of is not being able to bring it off. But a year later, when the reader is plowing through that scene in a matter of a few minutes, the impact is entirely different and, hopefully, very scary.

I have, however, creeped myself out at times. Occasionally I'll been writing through a planned scene or relationship when suddenly I see it in a new light and say, "What if . . .?" And then I change it and a whole new realm of unsettling possibilities opens up. And I think, "Where did that come from? I must be a real sicko."

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