September 18, 2004

Winston Review, No. 11


"I urge you to remember the lessons of history, the amicable deal in Munich in 1938 ... Of course, the scale of consequences is different ... But the situation is very similar. Any surrender leads to them widening their demands and makes losses worse."
- Vladimir Putin


Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin castigates those who offer a "patronizing and indulgent attitude" to the murderers of Beslan (via Rantburg). He is right to cite double standards in defining terrorism including, I should think, definitions limited to terrorism of "global reach". It must be noted that Putin's own government is not free from such charges having sided against Israel in 17 of the last 21 anti-Israel UN resolutions and abstaining from the rest. There is no parity between the deaths of 100,000 Chechens and anything going on in the disputed territories yet the violence Russia defines as terrorism in one context it sees as legitimate resistance to occupation in another. As I write this in Canada a news organization must defend itself for calling the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade a terrorist group even though the Canadian government defines them as such. Hypocrisy, it would seem, knows no nationality.

In the wake of Beslan, the Russians have decided it is prudent to agree counter-terrorism cooperation with Israel. We need more such cooperation. It is time for all democracies to unite against the ideology that would see an end to all democracy. This includes the struggling new democracy of the Russian Federation, the embattled democracy of Israel and especially the second-breakfast democracies of Canada and the European Union.

The Winston Review is a Flea-feature intended to offer spirited, uplifting alternatives to the defeatists and apologists of the mainstream media. This week's Review offers a prayer for President Putin. May his strength be tempered by wisdom. May his condemnation of double-standards make way for change in Russia's own policies. May democracy be defended for all people of the Russian Federation including the Chechens who are the first victims of the fanatics who would lead them into a new Dark Age.


This week in the Red Box:

Allah has an important message for readers new to the blogosphere (via INDC Journal).

Operation Market-Garden (A Bridge Too Far): Argghhh!!! commemorates the 60th anniversary of the airborne drops on Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Arnhem.

Rules of Combat: Babbling Brooks repeats the useful observation that "incoming fire has the right of way" (via Argghhh!!!).

At The Front: No Doom And Gloom Here: Captain's Quarters posts a letter from Baghdad. The MSM portends doom in Iraq but not the United States Marine Corps (via InstaPundit).

US engages Africa in terror fight: The Christian Science Monitor reports on the Trans-Saharan Counter Terrorism Initiative (via Rantburg).

Islamists in Germany: You're Welcome!: Davids Medienkritik comments on the German way to fight terrorism which "accomplishes nothing, but ... makes Germany feel good."

Jews in the News (Islam stylie): Dodgeblogium reports on alarming reading in British Muslim newspapers.

See Ya, Iraq?: Victor Davis Hanson argues unilateral withdrawal from Iraq "would be a tragic mistake."

Murder by Any Other Name: Christopher Hitchens describes Naomi Klein as a "fellow-traveler" with fascism (via Scrutineer).

Bobos in Baghdad: Arnold Kling makes an important observation about the "Bourgeois Bohemian" commandment "thou shalt not confront" and reminds us that "Lincoln could not win the war until he managed to find Grant and Sherman."

Why Americans hate foreign policy: P J O'Rourke explains that in a democracy it is axiomatic there are no wiser heads who have figured out what to do.

Your courage. Your cheerfulness. Your resolution.
Will bring us Victory.

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We also must admit is that this is where things get messy given the UK and US support for aspects of the Chechen separatist movement which are extremely close to those behind Beslan: Far closer link than anything Canada has done.

Posted by: Alan at September 18, 2004 11:25 AM
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