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July 29, 2004


The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich is to host a joint retrospective of the bicentenary year of the battle of Trafalgar. Both Horatio Nelson and Napoleon Bonaparte are to be commemorated and this historic meeting of the two men began this week at James Lock & Co. in London. With their hats.

And, to mark the occasion, their hats and their descendants came together this week at the shop where Nelson had his hats made. At James Lock & Co in London, where Nelson settled his final bill on his last morning in England, the families of the two men mingled.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 29, 2004 08:27 AM

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Personally, I am grateful that bicorn hats are rather permanently out of fashion. They would look pretty darn awful with a modern suit.

Posted by: Chris Taylor at July 29, 2004 09:58 AM