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July 07, 2004

The Village

I don't see this point of M. Night Shyamalan films.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 7, 2004 08:38 AM

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I really liked Unbreakable. It was an interesting take on comic book characters -- the sort of mental journey one would take from thinking you were an average Joe to embracing your superhero destiny.

Posted by: Chris Taylor at July 7, 2004 10:04 AM

I loved Signs and I loved Sixth Sense.

I can't wait for The Village to come to a theatre near me!

My wife has even said she will go with me and she hates scary movies.

Posted by: The Meatriarchy at July 7, 2004 02:03 PM

You guys brought me round to Jane Austen so I imagine it is possible I shall change my mind about these films too.

Posted by: Flea at July 7, 2004 03:33 PM

I'm tempted to go see it just because it was filmed in the town next door to where I grew up (Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania). It's amazing what seeing a familiar place will do to improve a movie - I enjoyed "Bulletproof Monk" mostly because I could try to pick out Toronto landmarks in it.

Posted by: Alex at July 7, 2004 05:22 PM

My downstairs neighbour was in Bulletproof Monk. I confess I have yet to see it.

Posted by: Flea at July 7, 2004 07:09 PM

hey flea, where did you grow up? cause i live in chadds ford, pa. email me plz, im curious.


Posted by: doug at August 5, 2004 09:16 PM

sorry i meant alex**

Posted by: doug at August 5, 2004 09:16 PM