June 22, 2004

Intifada defeated

Charles Krauthammer credits action against terrorist leadership and the security fence for diminished attacks against Israel in recent months. He is right but he leaves out another factor. Such attacks can longer be financed by one of the greatest sponsors of terror. The fascist former government of Iraq paid bounties to families of suicide bombers providing de facto life insurance to people impoverished by the gangster government of the PLA. Many "progressives" used to argue that Iraqi fascism could never be addressed until a just peace had been reached for Israel and Palestine. That they usually meant a just peace of mind for their facile anti-semitism is almost beside the point. They cared as little for the millions oppressed by Ba'athist fascism as they did for Palestinians but they provided a great incentive to Hussein's government to ensure a state of permanent war against Israel. The same motive is evident in ongoing attempts to justify the rogues gallery of theocracies and kleptocracies that continue to foster antisemitic hatred. Vigoruous action against the gangsters and the creation of the fence make a big difference. Liberty and democracy for Egypt, Syria, Iran, "Saudi" Arabia and for Palestinians themselves would make the decisive difference.

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