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June 18, 2004

Saint Lewinna

Cross-border shopping, miraculous relics and a thieving monk all came together in the Anglo-Saxon community of Bishopstone. A centuries long fight over which of a number of St. Andrew's churches got ripped off has at last been resolved to the content of archaeological experts.

An archaeologist has helped solve a medieval mystery about a thieving monk. Gabor Thomas' work has finally laid to rest a centuries-old argument about where in Sussex the errant monk did his pilfering.

The story began when a ship was forced to take shelter from a storm one Easter Sunday in the 11th Century and a monk among the passengers travelled to a nearby church to praise God. But he left with the remains of St Lewinna hidden in his luggage, which became a famed money-spinner for his monastery at Bergues, near Dunkirk.

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