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June 15, 2004

Sacrificial Chamber

TheMovieBox.net features an MTV clip from the forthcoming Blade: Trinity. Ho hum. By contrast, a most promising I, Robot trailer from Japanese tv. After looking at both I now know there is only one cool way to land if you are going to jump out a window and crunch into the pavement below. I was worried this thing might be another A.I. debacle. Man, that movie sucked (both via Ain't It Cool News).

Elsewhere at the Flea's movie corner... The official Catwoman site is up and running. I suppose an IMAX-scale Halle Berry would be impressive. The latest Alien Vs Predator trailer has some head banging potential. And a Sub-Mariner movie is in the works.

The Sub-Mariner is Prince Namor, warlord of the underwater civilisation of Atlantis a preening, arrogant, strutting superhuman figure with super-strength, the ability to fly and a nifty pair of swimming trunks (and wings on his heels). He's actually Marvel's longest-running character, kicking his winged heels around since 1939, although he's struggled to establish himself as a premier Marvel A-lister like Spider-Man or The Hulk. He's perhaps best known as a friend/foe of the Fantastic Four and member of The Avengers.

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