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June 11, 2004



The Vidocq Society is not as exclusive as the reclusive Council of a Flea. But close.

An unusual, exclusive crime-solving organization meets monthly on the top floor of the historic Public Ledger Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In a famed walnut-paneled meeting room, members of The Vidocq Society honor Eugène François Vidocq, the brilliant 18th century French detective who served the Sûreté, by applying their collective forensic skills and experience to "cold case" homicides and unsolved deaths. At Vidocq meetings Vidocq Society Members (V.S.M.'s) evaluate, investigate, refocus, revivify and solve the unsolved deaths officially brought to them.

I am on about M. Vidocq because of a surreal, wonderful film whose hero is based nominally on the famous detective. Jean-Christophe Comar (that's Pitof in the credits) is a special effects man turned director. Think Moulin Rouge meets The Matrix. Possibly the ultimate Flea flic. The French trailer has fallen down the memory hole along with the official movie site (shouldn't there be an archive of that sort of thing?) but Rue can enjoy the dubbed Italian version.

And then... I looks like Pitof also directed the new Catwoman. This is the first news that has made me curious to see it.

And then... The Waybackmachine is in effect.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at June 11, 2004 08:51 AM

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Moulin Rouge meets The Matrix?? That's a tall order to live up to. I'll have to see this movie!


Posted by: Ed at June 11, 2004 11:12 PM