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June 11, 2004


How to disappear to Cartegana.

We were sitting in the Restaurant San Pedro the night before and the Frenchman was telling me that I shouldn't write about Cartagena. "Don't tell anyone about this place," he said, "we don't want anyone to know about it." He indicating me as part of the we with a encompassing gesture of his arm. He wasn't drunk yet, though he was working on it. "That's where Mick Jagger stays." he said, pointing to a room above the restaurant. "Nobody knows he comes here?" I asked. "Nobody, that's why you've got to keep this place a secret." he replied.

"Listen Jacques," I said, trying to reassure him, "nobody will come here even if I write about it. You can write about these places and maybe one in a thousand will ever come here, and then maybe one in ten thousand will ever end up living here. It's a bit of fact that I picked up a long time ago. Lot's of people are looking for a castle in Bulgaria they can buy for $35,000 but if someone actually shows them where to find a castle in Bulgaria only one in a hundred thousand will ever go to look at it, and perhaps one in a million has the guts to really buy such a thing." He looked uncertain, glancing around at the plaza like a shepard guarding his flock.

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