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June 02, 2004

Dear Brian

A woman writes to her brother, a firefighter lost on September 11. The Daily Blitz points to the entry for May 25.

The guy on the radio was talking about all of the emergency response people flooding downtown, so I did a mental inventory. Brother #1 was at work. Brother #2 was at work. Brother #3 was home. Ok, that was good. K’s job didn’t really respond to that sort of thing, or so I thought, so that was good. I called your firehouse, and got a recording that all circuits were busy. I hit redial, and it went through. When someone picked up the other end, the only word that would come out of my mouth was “Brian?”.

“You just missed him, Sweetheart.” A heavy, Brooklyn accent. I still have no idea who it was. I wasn't able to say anything back, But “You just missed him, Sweetheart” is one of those things that’s burned into my brain. I can still, to this day, hear it. I can still feel it. Because I didn’t respond, he went on to explain that you had just left. You had all just left. I think I said “Ok”, or something, and I guess at some point he hung up, and I was just sitting there, holding an empty phone.

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