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March 29, 2004



The AK-MP3 attachment affords a user 600 rounds a minute and storage space for 9000 songs. An ammunition clip that plays MP3s strikes me as having a fairly specialized market.

A British-based company is selling MP3 players which can be attached to an assault rifle. The "AK-MP3" player is built into the ammunition clip of a Kalashnikov. It can be swapped with the real magazine carrying bullets and inserted into the weapon.

And then... And then there is the "world's most intelligent firearm" (via Warren Ellis).

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 29, 2004 10:36 AM


Best. Flea. Picture. Ever!

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at March 29, 2004 01:18 PM

I thought today's news items would be of particular interest to Castle Argghhh!

Posted by: Ghost of a flea at March 29, 2004 02:47 PM


I wonder if she needs help shoving the magazine in?

Posted by: Chaos Overlord at March 29, 2004 03:37 PM

For some reason I can't get past the picture to see the product she's demoing...My, BDU's sure have changed since I was in the service...

Posted by: Fred Kiesche at March 29, 2004 07:53 PM

Hmmm. Anyone seen "Carry on up the Khyber" ?

Posted by: Simon Jester at March 30, 2004 06:13 AM

I knew the outfit reminded me of something.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea at March 30, 2004 07:07 AM

I think I'll subscribe to that magazine....

Posted by: Eric Scheie at April 6, 2004 11:04 AM

I've been tring to buy one for almost 2yrs now and have had no luck. Any ideas?

Posted by: confuesitron at December 13, 2004 08:03 AM