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March 31, 2004

Mech Cooper

A car and robot enthusiast details his "vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion for the Mini Cooper r50."

I first had the vision to build a robot while working as an engineer on the old Mini Coopers in the late 1960s. There were no real robots at the time of course, so it was purely science-fiction. But I always believed a robot would be the most natural complement to the automobile - a full biped, intelligent version having great strength, dexterity and a library of mechanical knowledge. I imagined a robot with the ability to repair vehicles, direct traffic and watch over high-accident crossroads to preempt accidents.

And then... By contrast with British engineering we have the cool Japanese version in the form of a rescue robot. Sophia Sideshow wants a different driver.

This is a rescue robot that can free people from wreckage (such as earthquake or Godzilla wreckage). Now personally, I would attach a smart missile rack over it's left shoulder (for emergencies), and give it a better paint job. I'd also consider hiring an operator who is a cold loner with a haunting past but a heart of gold.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 31, 2004 06:33 AM