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March 20, 2004

Number One Son

I am appalled by the Dune prequels being cranked out by the Herbert family. The writing is horrendous, plot-lines nonsensical and the attempted Frank Herbert-style epigrams frankly laughable. If only the Christopher Tolkien route had been chosen (and when can we hope to see the Dune Encyclopedia back in print?).

That said, Brian Herbert's desire to track down a particular first edition is a worthy cause. I shall keep an eye out for this book (and politely decline any title if I find it).

In the early 1970's, during my careless youth, I loaned a first edition hardcover copy of Dune to a friend. The book was signed and personalized to me by my father, and may have included the familiar reference to me as "Number One Son." Through a series of mishaps, including a divorce that my friend went through, the book disappeared. It may have traveled with his ex-wife to Europe. I am sure that none of this was intentional on his part, but the missing book has always left an empty place in my heart, especially since my father passed away in 1986.

If anyone has seen this family memento, I would appreciate your assistance in returning it to me. If this can be accomplished, I would be forever grateful, and would thereafter bestow upon you the official title of "Number One Dune Fan," along with other honors, and perhaps even a reasonable reward.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 20, 2004 08:29 AM


Alas, according to a website that the Dune Encyclopedia editor put up (shortly before his death), you're never going to see it again. Herbert did not totally agree with everything in there, it seems, and his son less so. For one, it "constrains" them as to future sequel/prequels.

I'd be happy if they stopped the prequels as well, but don't count on it. On the other hand, more prequels might mean another SkiFi Channel miniseries or two of the original novels.

Posted by: FredKiesche at March 20, 2004 12:44 PM

That is most disappointing news about the Encyclopedia. I may have to bite the bullet and shell out for one of the few copies kicking around out there.

I will put up with more of the fatuous prequels if it means a SciFi Channel version of "God Emperor of Dune". Oh yes.

Posted by: Flea at March 21, 2004 07:19 PM