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March 09, 2004

The Bruce

A bit of the Bruce has come to light at the Hunterian museum at the University of Glasgow. Quite what it is doing separated from the rest of the Bruce is a story in itself.

He stole into the abbey in the dead of night, intent on stealing a personal memento of Scotlandís greatest king. Not a thief nor a grave robber but a respected town dignitary and "man of science", Joseph Paton found himself irresistibly drawn to the body of this icon of Scotlandís 14th-century fight for independence.

Reaching forward, he snapped off a toe from the remains of Robert the Bruce and held aloft the trophy before wrapping it in a fragment of the kingís golden shroud. In satisfying his urge to steal the Royal digit, Paton was risking his reputation by defiling the Bruceís skeleton, which had been uncovered by workmen in 1818 where it lay inside Dunfermline Abbey.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 9, 2004 10:20 AM