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March 03, 2004

Your Concept Car

Volvo introduces a concept car designed by female Volvo people. Car Keys declares, "Cogito ergo comfortable." Might we have at last the answer to Freud's question: what do women want?

The YCC concept (Your Concept Car) was shown publicly for the first time Tuesday during media preview days at the Geneva International Motor Show. It's not just powerful and sporty, but also easy to park, maintain and keep clean. From the outset in December 2002, when Volvo's top executives approved the project, every aspect of the car's design and production has been overseen by women, a first in the automotive industry.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 3, 2004 10:54 AM


31,000 miles before it needs an oil change? Where do I sign?


Posted by: David Strain at March 3, 2004 05:40 PM