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December 15, 2003



That Roman twenty-sider was so popular I thought it best post a link to some much more affordable sterling silver Elder Futhark Norse rune dice. Badali Jewellry also caters to all your Lord of the Rings jewellry needs. Paul Badali explains his decision to forge copies of the Ring.

Some have asked why would anyone want an object of abject evil like Sauron's Ruling Ring; created to enslave all of Middle Earth under his dark tyrannical rule. While that is the purpose for which evil created The Ruling Ring, that is NOT what resulted, nor the only thing The One Ring represents. I feel the ring is a symbol much like that of the cross to Christians. The crucifix is in all reality a symbol of the greatest evil done in this world, but instead it has become a symbol of the greatest sacrifice ever made to rid the world of a great evil. I feel that the One Ring as well is a symbol of Frodo's willing sacrifice of his life to rid the world of a great evil. It is also a symbol of the bonds formed within the Fellowship's journey and their struggles to overcome evil.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 15, 2003 07:43 AM