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September 27, 2003


The Matrix has so much to answer for. Five minutes into Underworld and I wondered if I could sit through yet another rip-off of a film that was Hong Kong pastiche in the first place. I am glad I stayed. Kate Beckinsale in latex: what is not to like?

I expressed skepticism at a White Wolf lawsuit for copyright infringement given this would be yet another rip-off of a game-system that is all genre pastiche in the first place. A specific use of the term "abomination", however, looks to me to be grounds for action.

And then... Samizdata posts on "the perils of seeing everything through your ideology" in relation to a peculiar review of the film.

I am werewolf, hear me roar… No, I am sure I remember that name of that daft Helen Reddy song all wrong, but that does seem to be the message of a review of Underworld in the Sierra Times by the colourfully named RadioFree Rocky D... this movie is just a pinko feminist tract.

To which I say... nonsense.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 27, 2003 10:45 AM


I'm all for Kate Beckinsale, but sadly even her luminous beauty and form-fitting latex can't redeem the vampire genre for me. Never really found it all that fascinating, even during the seemingly endless Anne Rice cash cow that was the '90s.

Being an eternal optimist stricken with a can-do attitude hampers my ability to identify with the depression and darker-than-thou mystique of latter-day Rice/Wolf Gothism. The only thing that really makes me depressed these days is my credit card debts. =)

Aside from the luscious Miss Kate did you find any redeeming qualities in the script or story? It looks like it might have some cool (but derivative) action sequences, although I'll have a hard time swallowing all the usual "the blood is the life" vampire dialogue.

Posted by: Chris Taylor at September 27, 2003 06:29 PM

Your can-do attitude, as you point out, has no place in goth culture. I expect Underworld would irritate but I want to emphasize the redemptive power of latex.

Posted by: Nicholas Packwood at September 27, 2003 09:28 PM